About the Event

2020 not only marked the onset of a new decade, but also refreshed the ways in which we all teach and learn. Amidst the changes, one thing was clear: community is important and it is now more than ever.

As student success is contingent on the engagement and support of the entire school community, the themes surrounding this event represent an opportunity to help you refine your remote learning practices and leverage your community to engage your students, no matter the distance.

Join us for a jam-packed week of stories and best practices shared by the Buncee community to help you transform your learning!

2020 is all about creative beginnings 🎉

August 3

Event Kick-Off

August 3: 1:30 PM ET to 3 PM ET

Moderator: Rachelle Dene Poth

Panelists: Shannon Miller, Dr. Bill Bass, Dr. Ilene Winokur Alzaid, Dr. Roland Rios

Kick off the week with the Buncee team and our keynote panelists! Join the Buncee team as they share recent community updates and new features to support student engagement. With schools considering many different plans for instruction, the keynote discussion that follows will focus on the power of community for bringing in new ideas that can promote student engagement in learning and empower our students in and out of the classroom.

4 PM ET || 8 PM GMT

Presenters: Joe & Kristin Merrill

Learn how to connect with students of any age within any content area. Discover how using features like interactive media, drawing, audio recordings, Immersive Reader, and many more can provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning and while helping students connect to their learning community. In addition to fostering student creativity, spend time designing and learning how to utilize Buncee from the perspective of a teacher in ways that will help you connect with parents and the community as a whole.

6 PM ET || 10 PM GMT

Presenters: Amy Storer, Leticia Citizen

Join us as we share different ways that instructional coaches and leaders can use Buncee to impact campus culture and adult learning.

August 4

Collaboration & Community Connections

12 PM ET || 4 PM GMT

Presenters: Stephanie Russell, Michael Drezek, Ide Koulbanis

Looking for ideas to keep your students engaged? Back To School can be daunting, but this session will provide you with many ideas to engage with your students in blended or remote learning environments. Join a Tech Integrator, a World Language Teacher, and a Librarian in a discussion to help keep students from all backgrounds engaged, inspired, and learning!

2 PM ET || 6 PM GMT

Presenters: Victoria Morse, Dr. Matt Joseph, Tess Milares

Leaders have a profound responsibility to make the world a better place. As we forge ahead with blended learning, acting as a positive leader will benefit you, your students, your community, and maybe even the world. Our goal as leaders is to inspire and motivate others to work to the very best of their abilities. In this session, find out how Buncee can be used by school and district leadership in a variety of ways to present multimedia with ease of access and strengthen relationships in school communities and beyond.

4 PM ET || 8 PM GMT

Presenters: Victoria Lowe, Laurie Guyon

Building relationships with all members of a school community is important. Learn ways to connect with parents and with each other using the Buncee platform. You can create newsletters, notices, flyers, and more. Students can use the platform to share their ideas and express what they have learned with their peers and with their community.

6 PM ET || 10 PM GMT

Presenters: Cheryl Graff, Melissa Stark

During this session we will review how to use Buncee in order to create instruction for students with diverse academic and social-emotional learning needs as we head back to school. We will also share how to use Buncee for self- expression and creativity in order to show a deeper understanding and mastery of the content. This session will share how Buncee can be used interactively for personalized learning.

August 5

Remote & Blended Instruction

12 PM ET || 4 PM GMT

Presenters: Tisha Poncio, Laura Steinbrink

This session will cover creative ways to foster the core competencies of social-emotional learning (SEL) with students. We will dive into ways creative expression can help build these competencies in students, look at new opportunities, and deliver instruction that is student centered. Educators will learn how to implement different cross-curricular projects using Buncee to bring creative expression and SEL to their schools. Regardless of whether students attend school virtually or in person, this session is for you!

2 PM ET || 6 PM GMT

Presenters: Kristina Holzweiss, Jeni Long, Sallee Clark

Everyone has that “go to” gadget that they use professionally and personally. Learn how tech gurus Jeni Long, Sallee Clark, and Kristina Holzweiss use Buncee to connect, collaborate, and communicate with teachers and students! We will show you how you can app smash using Buncee and a variety of other tools to complete your “techy” toolbox.

4 PM ET || 8 PM GMT

Presenters: Teresa Buckman, Victoria Thompson

In this workshop, participants will discover meaningful ways to infuse student engagement tools into instruction. We will look at these tools for purposes of engaging students and promoting inquiry-based learning, as well as assessing content vocabulary, conceptual comprehension, and depth of knowledge. These tools can also be used to create inclusive learning environments, even during distance learning. Reflecting on practice, collaborative opportunities, and lesson enhancement will be key foci this session.

6 PM ET || 10 PM GMT

Presenters: Shannon McClintock Miller, Karina Quilantan-Garza, Deborah Zeman

Join Deb, Karina and Shannon for a fun hour of learning all kinds of ways to use Buncee in the library and as a teacher librarian. They will share ways to use Buncee for literacy, collaboration with teachers and families, sparking student engagement and creativity, branding and marketing, and much more. You will leave with lots of ideas, examples and Buncees to use for your library too!